Dated Nutcrackers XVI–XVIII century

A nutcracker collector from Lithuania – Arnas Jurskis – presents a unique publication that has no analog in the world: Dated Nutcrackers XVI–XVIII century. For the first time, a collection of rare dated wooden and metal nutcrackers from the 16th to 18th century is presented chronologically in one publication. Publication provides detailed information on the development of nutcrackers of exceptional historical value throughout the 16th-18th centuries, the world’s oldest dated wooden nutcrackers; links to nutcracker collections around the world; and photos of Edward Pinto nutcracker collection not yet published in any album.

– Chronology and evolution of 16th-18th century nutcrackers in one publication

– High-quality photos and detailed descriptions

– Links to collections from private collectors and museums around the world

– The world’s oldest dated wooden and metal nutcrackers are presented

– Never before published photos of Edward Pinto nutcracker collection

– 283 pages

– 388 illustrations

– Publication is limited to 500 copies

Price 59 Eur