The new Nutcracker Museum is going to open its doors at the very heart of the Old Town in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Our charming nutcracker collection will settle inside the 1.800 square meter building, a four story wonder rife with Vilnius’ Jewish, Polish and Lithuanian history.

The museum is right in the prime spot of a UNESCO recognized Old Town and a mere walking distance away from such main historic attractions as the Town Hall or the imposing facades of the Presidential palace.

Earlier archaeological investigation conducted in the building’s basement has uncovered a cultural layer dating back to late 16th or early 17th centuries. This leads that the building, which is situated at 4 Gaono street, displays a wide range of architectural styles, among which we can discern renaissance, baroque, classicism and historicism influences that is also a testament to its rich history.

The chief vision for the museum today is a modern, interactive, multi-cultural and very hands on approach to the exhibitions and displays. A team of talented architects and designers are working on the concepts which will do the justice to the scope, size and variety of the nutcracker collection. The plan is for the design decisions to reflect the objective of the museum: to welcome, educate and entertain a visitor, who is both a novice and an expert on the subject of nutcrackers.

Driven by an ambitious goal, we intend to gift the capital of Lithuania with the best museum in the country. The museum will eventually become a must visit place and the top tourist attraction in Vilnius.

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